100% Pine Wood Shavings - Made by Horsemen for Horsemen

At High Country Shavings, we wish the opportunity to service your shavings needs by introducing our Premium Pine Shavings. The shavings are produced from dead standing lodgepole pine trees that have been logged off our ranch and surrounding lands in Grand County,Colorado. The dead standing trees we cut are sorted for moisture content and diameter. Each dead tree that is taken makes room for forrest mitigation, and promotes the implementing of re-growth. We have our own loggers and we log year round and therefore have year round inventory.

Fluffy, dry, minimal dust, and eco-friendly, these bagged wood shavings are great for use in barns, stables, stalls, trailers, pens, and cages. They are used as bedding for horses and show animals. Also can be used for small caged animals as well.

Our premium shavings with our propriatory process using citronella oil gives the buyer a very unique and safe option to just shavings and fly spray. - the Citronella shavings will keep away mosquitoes, and other insects. Citronella will help avoid painful and unsightly welts from horseflies and helps prevent the West Nile virus. Our Citronella shavings have theraputic values as well as keeping your barn or trailer smelling fresh.

Our family is a rodeo family and had previously purchased thousands of bags for our use on our ranch. Therefore we have tested many brands of shavings made in USA and Canada. Through our experience we made many adjustments to our equipment where we believe we have made the perfect shavings for horsemen. We even produce our shavings adjacent to our arena, with stalls so we can continually test the performance and the quality of our shavings on our own horses.

With regard to SHOW ANIMALS, our neighbors are given bags to test their performance as the season rolls around.  We actively support 4H and our family had previously had shown anmals.  We understand how critical the color, dryness, and fluffyness is to the show people.

Call and we can help find a dealer in your area. Rest assured, you will be pleased with the performance of High Country Shavings made from "recycled" pine trees from the beautiful Colorado Rocky Mountains.

Most important your horses will appreciate the softness, dryness and bug-free environment of their stalls.

Miniat Family 
High Country Shavings / Williams Peak Ranch
Grand County, Colorado




Here’s what Michael D. Sorum, DVM, a respected veterinarian, has to say about our quality:

“Having been a practicing equine veterinarian for 25 years, I value every aspect of a horse’s health. The racehorses and showhorses that have been my patients require the best of care, and that includes bedding. The shavings produced by High Country Shavings is an excellent quality shaving. There is no dust, and the shaving itself is perfect for urine absorption, and is very soft so that horses can lie down comfortably. Also, High Country has added citronella to keep flies and other insects away. This is important in the health and well being of the horse.”


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Womens Professional Rodeo Associaton

"Thank you so much for your support of the WPRA and the 2010 WPRA World Finals Rodeo. This Year was a HUGE success and it would have not been possible without sponsors like High Country Wood Shavings! I look forward to discussing the emerging partnership opportunities with you this winter."

Best Regards,

Katie Hollingsworth

National Sponsorship Coordinator

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